St. Mary the Virgin Cuddington

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It is often said that politics and religion are two subjects best avoided. Both can certainly arouse strong opinions and therefore create conflict in conversation. That means, though, that many of us rarely have an opportunity to talk about faith.

At St. Mary's there are no two people who believe the same thing. Some people are happier talking about faith than others, though there is a shared sense of seeking to share God's love through word and action in the world.

St. Mary's has seen a number of Vicars over the past decades and each one has approached the life of faith in a different way. This means that members of the congregation have a range of perspectives and understanding.

The current Vicar is liberal in her approach to faith. She is more comfortable with questions than answers, and enjoys wrestling with those aspects of the Christian faith that can be challenging and difficult to understand. She is also grateful for the challenge and inspiration brought by others, lay and ordained, in the conversations that are shared about faith.

Faith is a journey for us all, and wherever you are on that journey - questioner, seeker, believer, doubter, sceptic - there is a place for you at St. Mary's. Trying to follow Jesus is a journey that is usually better travelled with others.

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